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navin added a new comment to Kodak Trimlite Instamatic
i have trimlite kodak camera

Tina added a new comment to Kodak Happy Times
I just acquired this camera with the manual from an auction. Was thrilled to get it and even more thrilled after reading the history. I was able to order a new battery but was sad when I read the film

awilda nieves added a new comment to Imperial Camera Corporation Instant Load
anyone wants to donated a camara,i want to start landscaping fotography? thanks for youre attention!

Christye added a new comment to Polaroid Land Camera
How do I attach the flash???

Pete added a new comment to Kodak Star
My love died recently and, while going through her things, I found a Star 35AF/835 camera in a drawer. She bought it in June of 1995, the last year that it was made. I don't know why she bought it bec

Ludwig Samereier added a new comment to Argus Seventy-Five
This ARGUS 75 stars in a sequel of LASSIE, entitled 'The New Camera'. Timmy wins it in a drugstore and it helps arrest a poacher. Well done LASSIE!

Ludwig Samereier added a new comment to Polaroid 5500FF
Hi, this Pola does NOT use 35mm film. Instead it needs APS film, which went out of production in 2011 (Wikipedia). I just learned this the hard way :)

Piter added a new comment to Leidolf Lordox
Halo sir, what you use roll film for this camera?

CameraHistoryProject added a new comment to Kodak EK2
Ciao Juls,Questa fotocamera richiede una batteria tipo "J". Sono ancora fatti e possono essere trovati su Amazon.

CameraHistoryProject added a new comment to Concord Camera Corp. Neon Lites
Hi Susan! We bought this camera in a lot of 15 in an auction, so we don't have an actual purchase price for just this device, but since it is a low quality China device that uses 110 film (both poor q

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Camera History Project

This website is the culmination of years of antiquing. My wife and I enjoyed travelling around the United States, stopping at various antique shops and finding different cameras. Since 2012, we have collected hundreds of cameras, and there are some that we have, but that have not made it online yet. When the real world slows down, we plan to resume our hobby! Feel free to check out our online collection, and using the comment system, let us know which you've had and which is your favorite!

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