Kodak Star 835AF

Kodak Star 835AF
Kodak Star 835AF

The Kodak Star 835AF camera was manufactured in Thailand from 1991 until 1995 when production stopped 28 years ago. The Star 835AF was designed to take 35mm, Cartridge Roll film. The camera requires 2, AA batteries. Unloaded, the camera weighs 253.00 g (8.92 oz.), with batteries 303.00 g (10.69 oz.), and with film, 322.00 g (11.36 oz.). Initially priced at $94.95, the Star 835AF would cost $157.65 in 2011. Features include auto focus, and integrated flash.

General Information

Years Made1991-1995 (28 to 32 Years Old)
MSRP$94.95 ($157.65 2012 Dollars)
Film35mm Film
Weight253.00 g (8.92 oz.)
Battery2 x AA
Country of ManufactureThailand


Tripod Socket Integrated Flash Auto Focus Self Timer Date Back Hot Shoe Cold Shoe
No Yes Yes No No No No
Shutter Speeds:Fixed
Shutter Type:Leaf
Aperture Settings:Fixed
Lens Mount:Fixed
Viewfinder:Plain with frame and center markings
Focal Range:Fixed

Comments (1)

Pete wrote on May 20th, 2019
My love died recently and, while going through her things, I found a Star 35AF/835 camera in a drawer. She bought it in June of 1995, the last year that it was made. I don't know why she bought it because, ever since we were together, over 39 years, I had taken hundreds of 35mm shots with my Vivitar, which served very well and, although it still works perfectly, I have not used it for a couple of years.As far as I know about the Kodak, only one roll was ever shot with it, which I did this month, May 2019. The red light came on, so, I took out the batteries, Maxell Supers, still at 60%, chargeable, and the battery compartment is clean. The batteries must have been in there for who knows how long, since 1995?--and they never leaked. and that is something to be said for Maxells.I had not thought of selling it, since it has a sentimental value. I was just commenting here, since the box came up.

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