Camera Eras

This page hopes to help classify the technology available to a camera developer at the time a camera was manufactured. It is an on-going work, and will be expanded upon often.

Era Era Start Era End Type
Camera Obscura Era 470 BC Present (Hipster) Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Film Plates 1850 - Storage Medium
Paper-Backed Roll Film Era 1885 1889 Storage Medium
Plastic Nitrate Film Era 1889 1951 Storage Medium
Safety Film Era 1908 Present Storage Medium
Large Format SLR 1884 Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Small Format SLR 1935 Present Lens & Viewfinder Technology
SLR Instant-Return Mirror 1948 Present Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Autofocus Development Era 1960 1977 Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Autofocus Era 1977 Present Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Twin Lens Reflex Era 1928 - Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Instant Photography Era 1948 Storage Medium
Digital Development Era 1975 1987 Storage Medium
Digital Era 1988 Present Storage Medium

Camera History Project

Camera History Project

This website is the culmination of years of antiquing. My wife and I enjoyed travelling around the United States, stopping at various antique shops and finding different cameras. Since 2012, we have collected hundreds of cameras, and there are some that we have, but that have not made it online yet. When the real world slows down, we plan to resume our hobby! Feel free to check out our online collection, and using the comment system, let us know which you've had and which is your favorite!

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