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Polaroid Land Camera 150

Polaroid Land Camera 150
Polaroid Land Camera 150

One night while Bob and I were just sitting at home while on our computers, I posted a message on the Grundy County Garage Sale Facebook group saying "ISO old cameras" (In search of). I have done this once before with no response. This time showed differently! Immediately I received a few responses. The first one that came through showed three cameras and she wanted $50 for them. We weren't too excited about them. The next message was two cameras and she texted me saying she wanted $10 each for them. Instantly I saw the accordian type camera and had to show Bob! We wanted them! I texted the lady back and asked her when I could pick them up. She said anytime. Quick in our excitement, I replied back "30 minutes work" and she said yes! We bundled up in the car and off we went to pick up our treasures in Morris, IL. The first time we bought camera's that were NOT in a store or offline! $20 brought us a Polaroid Land Camera 150 and an Ansco Clipper.

General Information

Years Made1957-1960 (64 to 67 Years Old)
MSRP$109.95 ($884.25 2012 Dollars)
Weight2,057.00 g (4 lbs, 8.56 oz.)
Date AcquiredJanuary 22nd, 2013
Owner's ManualAvailable
Quantity Produced400,000
Country of ManufactureUSA


Tripod Socket Integrated Flash Auto Focus Self Timer Date Back Hot Shoe Cold Shoe
Yes No No No No

Comments (2)

Robert Gardner wrote on June 15th, 2013
I have one like this w. the case, in good condition
Bob wrote on June 20th, 2013
Hello Robert,We paid $10 for this one at a garage sale, which was quite a steal really... You can find them in good condition w/ case, flash, and other accessories for upwards of $100 on E-Bay.However, with the weight of this thing (our heaviest camera), you could always use it as a boat anchor if you don't care for it!

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