Cameras from or ending in the 1980's

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Polaroid Impulse
Made: 1988-2007
Original Price: $89.00
Polaroid Impulse Portrait
Made: 1988-2007
Original Price: $89.00
Kodak VR35 K40
Made: 1986-1993
Original Price: $83.00
Minolta X-370
Made: -1981
Kodak Colorburst 100
Made: 1978-1980
Original Price: $45.00
Kodak S500AF
Made: 1989-1991
Original Price: $189.95
Kodak Tele Ektra 1
Made: 1978-1981
Original Price: $28.00
Kodak Disc 8000
Made: 1982-1984
Original Price: $143.00
Olympus AF-1
Made: 1986-
Canon AF35 ML
Made: 1981-
Kodak Pleaser 2
Made: 1982-1985
Nishika N8000
Made: 1989-1996
Kodak Colorburst 250
Made: 1979-1982
Original Price: $76.50

Camera History Project

Camera History Project

This website is the culmination of years of antiquing. My wife and I enjoyed travelling around the United States, stopping at various antique shops and finding different cameras. Since 2012, we have collected hundreds of cameras, and there are some that we have, but that have not made it online yet. When the real world slows down, we plan to resume our hobby! Feel free to check out our online collection, and using the comment system, let us know which you've had and which is your favorite!

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